Poly Riser & Pipe flashboard risers are the best way to control irrigation and drainage water for gravity flow systems.  Poly risers accommodate pipe sizes ranging from six to thirty six inches in diameter and are available in multiple heights to suit your particular conditions. 

Properly installed and used Poly Risers will allow for easily controllable rice field and marsh irrigation while minimizing undesirable topsoil erosion and waste of precious irrigation water.   

Top quality materials and construction assure long service life and good results with Poly Risers.  Frames are constructed from painted mild steel or stainless steel upon request for increased corrosion resistance. To further enhance serviceability, these frames are available separately to repair damaged risers and save on replacement costs. 


The plastic used in Poly Risers is a high quality HDPE plastic which has UV inhibitors to protect from sun damage.  The plastic is also temperature stable and resists cracking even in sub-freezing temperatures.


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